Wagyu versus Traditional Beef

Wagyu beef provides a better quality, more tender and flavorful eating experience. Wagyu have DNA alleles that allow their fat to melt at lower temperatures versus conventional cattle breeds. This also helps to give Wagyu beef a savory butter flavor. Wagyu are known for having a greater amount of marbling which is also referred to as intramuscular fat. 

We have been raising Wagyu and Akaushi cattle for 12 years. Over the years we have learned so much and are continuing to learn more every day! 
We have crossed Wagyu and the Akaushi to get the best of both worlds from the two breeds. Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of the two breeds.

Benefits of Wagyu and Akaushi Beef

Wagyu Beef

- Marbling has a 30% more mono-saturated to saturated fats than any other breed.

- Mono-unsaturated fatty acids have excellent anti-carcinogenic properties as well as anti-inflammatories

- Wagyu beef have high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6

- Conjugated Linoeic ACID (CLA) aids in weight loss and may lower the risk of Type-2 Diabetes

- Wagyu beef is extremely tender and has the highest quality of beef 

Akaushi Beef

- According to the American Heart Association, Akaushi beef can aid in lowering cholesterol, and may prevent coronary heart disease.

-Akaushi beef contains Oleic acid which is found in olive oil

- May help to prevent high blood pressure

- Extremly tender beef

- Contains a rich amount of mono-unsaturated fats

 Pictured above is one of our Wagyu/Akaushi Steer.

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