RS Wright Cattle


We are located in South Texas and our family has been raising cattle for five generations. 

In this image above is Hikari 33 and his son Takari 50. 
Takari 50 has Judo as a maternal grandsire. In this picture we have bred the red Akaushi bull and to red Akaushi cows. 

Akaushi and Wagyu are excellent for producing marbling. This breed produces low birth weights which is beneficial for first time heifers. We have been raising this breed as a family for eight years and have learned so much along the way.

In the image above we have bred a red Akaushi bull (Hikari 33) to a black Wagyu cow. Crossing the red and black Wagyu has increased weaning weights, while still keeping a low birth weight from the black Wagyu.

We believe that crossing the red Akaushi and the black Wagyu helps to produce a more complete animal. By crossing the two breeds helps to carry outstanding genetics and breeding traits. By increasing the size with the red Akaushi at weaning, and with the black Wagyu excellent marbling is produced.